Royal Flower During The Reign Of Ancient Burmese Kings

Thazin flower has been designated as the royal flower since the reign of Burmese kings.

During the reign of the Burmese kings, Thazin flower was recognized as the royal flower as it was only the king and the queens who were allowed to apply.

One of the court customs that came down from history is Taungunat Mountain and Thazini. Thazin Phyu and Thazinwa from southern and northern Shan State, and Administrative officer of the relevant field or the Sawbyors had to be brought to the palace.

Kyi Wonmin, a nobleman, was in charge of conveyance to the palace. In the palace, the King and the Queen lead a special event where they decorate various kinds of orchids and daisies.
After this flower pansion ceremony, the governor issued an order and allowed the people of the country after celebrating their event. U Toe, a poet of the Konepao era, wrote about that.

The following order of King Bo Tow Phara issued on the 9th of the Pyartho month of 1168 shows that even the sons and daughters of the King are not allowed to apply the flower before the King.

“The flowers have not yet been delivered to the Golden Palace, but it have heard that the flowers have arrived at the princes’ home. The minister of the barn was ordered to beg for it first.”

Thazin flower blooms in the months of Nattaw, Pyartho of the Myanmar calendar, and is also called ‘Nat-pan’ flower because it is treasured and offered from the gods. In the Myanmar medicine book, Thazin flower is used as medicine for headaches and eye pain. It has been recorded to cure phlegm and biliousness.

Burmese healers rarely find Red Thazin and Black Thazin, which are very useful in medicine.
Taung Ngu, Mawlam Myin, lethargic Tazin white, which comes from around Dawei, sold with Patethachin or a branchm. The cost is 6,000 kyats to 15,000 kyats per branch.

Now, Thazin flower is grown in all over Myanmar city, including Yangon. Thailand also imports and cultivates Burmese Thazin flowers in various ways.

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