Some Details Of Musician, Writer, Actor Win Oo

Personal process

Win Oo was born in Yangon, and at the age of five, his mother, He had to hide away from the war in Mount Sagaing with his siblings. Meanwhile, his mother died. He grew up under the care of his second mother, Daw Ohn Khin (retired lecturer). After World War II, he began to study at the (TTC Training School) run by Master U Ba. In 1949, he passed grade 10 (university matriculation) even from TTC school. He continued his studies at Yangon University and passed the Upasa High School. After two years of university education, he continued to attend the master’s course every week (8). Joined the Tatmadaw (Army) in 1952. Brigade (5) under the name of Captain Ko Oo from Second Lieutenant Hla Myint. Served in the 7th Battalion. During such service, the army in Mogabe, water, air, Joined the Joint Operation Parachute Course and went to Australia in 1959 to teach parachute science. When he returned, he continued to serve as an instructor captain at the Parachute Training School in Mogabe. In 1961, he retired from the army with the rank of captain.

Win Oo’s photos

Since his student days, Win Oo has been writing poems, poems, and stories in Dag Dieng Magazine and Shumwa Magazine under the pen name Nyo Min Lwin. Wrote novels. The name “Nyo Min Lwin” is the name of a short article written by Nyo Mya (Oh Wei Nyo Mya) in Dagon magazine. The first novel he wrote was “Jane”. In the 1960s, he wrote a long magazine novel “A University Student” in Shumawa magazine. This magazine novel was written under the pen name Win Oo. It is true that the name Win Oo was famous because of this long novel, but the whole country recognized Win Oo because of the movie. He came to the film industry by writing the script for the historical movie “Min Tin Shwe Ting”.

Win Oo’s debut film was in 1957. It is the filming of the novel “I want to be alone” written by Win Oo himself in Shooma magazine. Together with the movie I want to be together, the theme song “Bonfire” was covered nationwide along with Win Oo’s name.

.Win Oo not only acted for other film companies, but also founded Sanda Film Company himself. Win Oo’s directorial skills in the movie “Song Dao”, which Win Oo himself directed and starred in. Acting is commendable. In this film, Win Oo won the Academy Award for the first time. Next, Win Oo’s script, In 1970, he won the Academy Award for the second time in the film “Shung Shwe Sye”, which he directed and starred in. Participated in voice acting in radio stories from the Voice of Myanmar. He also filmed and broadcast television stories himself.

 National Actor Award

  • He won the Academy (National Actor) Award twice.
  • 1967- (Winter Dream) movie
  • 1970- (Mung Shwe Sye) movie

 End of life

In 1988, he was not healthy. Went to London for medical treatment. While undergoing treatment, he traveled and studied throughout Britain. Win Oo, who loves the people, Win Oo, loved by the people, was born in 1988. December 14 In Yangon, he left Myanmar and the people of Myanmar and left his life behind. He died during the filming of the movie “Strengthening Rose”. At that time, Win Oo’s funeral was very crowded.

Books written and compiled by Win Oo

  • Spacecraft Weapons – 1961
  • Survival and Outdoors – 1961
  • Young and young – 1961
  • The Missing Fool (Collection of Short Stories) – 1962
  • Hate or Forget – 1962
  • Statement of the Maharaja of Jagataka – 1962
  • A university student – 1962
His Famous Atrs

 Films in which he acted

  • Maung To Cherry Land (Khin Than Nu)
  • Winter Dream (Tin Tin Aye)
  • Don Shwe Syrup (Khin Than Nu)
  • The summer of missing snow
  • Harden Rose (Final Movie)



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