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Shahrukh Khan is a child who was born in an ordinary poor family. He is not good at writing and his understanding is not good. But because of the father’s love for his son who wants him to be educated. He went to school every morning in the truck that his father drove, and he graduated high school. Throughout his life, he lived with the words of his father and the teachings of his mother that religion is not a label for humans, and became an educated person with a master’s degree. His father, who is a car driver.

About Call “ShahRukh Khan”

His grandfather gave him the name “Shahrukh Khan“. The reason is that it is the name of a great villain theater actor that his grandfather liked very much in his grandfather’s time.

His teacher in Shahrukh Khan‘s preschool life
“What will Khan do when you grows up?”
When asked, Khan‘s answer
“I will feed the hungry people with bread.”

Young ShahRukh Khan’s photos


Taj_Mohammed_Khan (father of Khan)

Taj is an educated person with LLB MA Art.GA degrees. He wrote a movie script. Playwright. MA student leader who protested in India’s struggle for democracy. He was married to Khan’s mother when he was released from prison on political charges. He left his life behind and drove a truck. Khan was shocked when he found out about his father’s real life. Taj loves Khan so much that he pretends to sleep by the side while Khan reads. Taj was the first teacher to later become Shahrukh Khan Sopi. From his father, Khan learned a lot of wisdom, knowledge, humor, how to read people’s facial expressions, and the great principles of literature. Oh, there’s another friend of Khan’s classmates. She is none other than “Armita Singh“, who will become a big Bollywood actress in the future.

Khan’s parents


He really wanted to be a movie star, but because of his family situation, he forgot his dreams for a long time, and instead of being an educated person, he was too crazy about the life of a movie star. He gave up everything and entered the world of cinema from the bottom. After being suppressed for several years, he became one of the actors of Bollywood was A young man who lived in a shabby barracks became one of the richest actors in the world. He became Bollywood’s No.1 actor.

A famous artist, but like most successful people, he used most of the money he got for charity instead of following the happy principles of financial wealth. He is a Muslim. But Buddhism, Christian I have donated to every religion like Hindu etc. World’s largest cancer foundation
The most philanthropic actor in the world’s movie history who built free hospitals and schools. Bollywood No.1 Actor He became the world’s richest actor.


Shahrukh Khan’s memorable words

I don’t know the principle of success. I’m not interested in the academy? I only see a toy and a 1-minute speech. If I’m doing my best at my job, I don’t need to give any awards.”

Charity, yes? I don’t know what that word is. My father used to say that he should be a useful person. He gives to those who need more. He has plenty of food. He has plenty of clothes and is comfortable to come and go. So he gives the rest to those who need it. This is the attitude. There is no need for any media, reporters, or recording photos between those who need it and those who want to give.

I’m not greedy, I don’t want to be famous, I’m satisfied if I’m doing my job with my life

It doesn’t matter how I was born, from which parents I was born, from which family I was born.
What is important to me is how I die and who will not forget my name.



(226) winners of outstanding awards; Philanthropist The world’s number one actor One of India’s richest men, one of Khan’s movies he has filmed, “Religion, morality, politics, humanity, love, tragedy, science, comedy, and you can see the answer to why this actor is the world’s number one.”

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