What Is Stomach Cancer?=======================

Stomach cancer means that small cells on the surface of the stomach have transformed into cancerous cells. It often comes in the form of lumps, It often comes in the form of a cancerous wound.

How common are people?

  • Older people
  • Men
  • A blood owners
  • People who smoke
  • Those with a history of stomach cancer barbecue, salty Perishable foods
  • People who eat ready made food
    Those who have already had a stomach bug called H. pylori
  • People with stomach disease

Pernicious anemia is common in people with anemia.

Common symptoms of stomach cancer are as follows;


It is a common symptom found in many people with stomach cancer. In addition to cancer itself, anemia is common. Because the cancerous tumor is in the stomach, the lack of food also causes anemia. Not only that, Anemia is often caused by vomiting blood and diarrhea secondary to stomach cancer.

Indigestion and fullness

bad food, As soon as I’m about to eat, my stomach becomes tight. Feeling full after eating is also common among people with stomach cancer. People over the age of 55 should be careful if they have indigestion that has never happened before.

loss of food Body weight loss

Certain hormones produced by the cancer cells themselves often destroy appetite. Through that, there are some kinds of food loss, and after a while, the weight decreases.

Vomiting blood Diarrhea

Bleeding from the cancerous tumor itself is often caused by small blood vessels in the stomach. Vomiting blood Diarrhea can be life-threatening, so you need to be careful.

Other symptoms are:

  • – Drunkenness Nausea
  • – Difficulty swallowing food
  • – Abdominal pain
  • – There may be heartburn etc.

If you have experienced these symptoms in yourself or in the presence of your loved ones, I would encourage you to see the relevant doctor and get checked as necessary.

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