Tagong Princess And Her Bad Fortune

Princess Tagong’s consort Prince had died even at a young age, she had lost her fortune at the hands of others, and the less fortunate princess and was widowed at a young age.

Photo of Princess Tagong

Princess Tagong’s Life Background

In King Mintoon’s Migalar Eaintaw, she was born from a concubine of Minton. At that time her mother is a concubine only and the later became a queen, and she had four siblings.

When her father, Minton, became the king, his mother was raised to the rank of queen with the title of Maheythi, and she was given the title of “Sri Thumayavati”. And She was given the city of Patnagore.

Princess Tangong’s Mother Was A Best Of Queen Sin Phyu Mashin

His mother, Queen Vantara, was one of the friendly queens with the Queen of the Middle Palace (Sin Pyu Mashin), and was given special favour and love by the Queen of the Middle Palace.

Sometimes the Queen of the Middle Palace wanted to make fun of the shape of the thick lips of the Queen Vantara.

Princess Tagong’s Consort Lost His Fortune

Because of this, not too long ago, Prince Sinku, the son of the Queen Taung Saungtaw, who was the favorite queen of the Middle Palace, and Princess Tagong , the daughter of the Queen Vantara, got married.

Shortly after the marriage of Princess Tagong and Prince Sinku, in the year 1228, there was an scandal in Myinkun, and Prince Sinku, her consort, was assassinated along with his other brothers and lost their fortune.

Here, Prince Sinku, who was among the princes who were assassinated by Prince Mekong, was born to the queen of Taung Saungtaw, who was the highest-ranking queen among the queens of the dormitory.

Therefore, Prince Sinku had a higher position than the others of the adult princes at that time. Also, taking the example of the father who is currently ruling, King Minton became the king. The other victim was Ma Luon Prince.

He was the eldest of King Minton’s adult sons, and for various reasons.
It is likely that these princes were targeted and assassinated.

Myinkon Scandal And Princess Tagong Life Changing

After the Myinkon scandal, the young princess, the consort of Prince Sinku, was widowed and saddened, but her mother, Queen Vantara, was promoted as the second Taungshwe Queen as the second Queen of Taungshwe, who had lost her life due to the Myinkon incident.

Princess Tagong was widowed but did not have any children. She lived with his younger sister Chuntaung Princess. After 10 years of being promoted as Queen of Goldsmithing, Mae Taung Shweeng died in 1238, leaving only Princess Tagong and her younger sister Choontaung Princess in the palace.

In 1243, 5 years after the end of her mother’s fate, the young Tagong princess also had to find her way to death.

At that time, it was during the reign of King Thipao, and due to the closeness of Queen Mae Taew and Queen Si Phu Ma Shin Kyi, they gave a proper burial to her niece Tagong Princess.

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