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Princess Taita was one of the three married virgin daughters of King Min Ton, and she was the handmaiden of her sister, Princess Myie Long, to Prince Kolin.

The reason for marriage was to take care of the three children left behind when her sister Myie Long, and on the other hand, to look after Colin Prince, who was widowed at a young age.

The Taita Princess, who had the title of “Shuthiri Hemavati”, was born from King Minton’s beloved queen Tharasein, and was the middle daughter of three sisters.

During the reign of King Minton, she was honored by her father, the king, like the great princesses who received the title of ‘Suphara’.

Princess Taita was the most loved princess of Queen Su Phura Lat during Thipao’s reign, but when she took her vows in 1243, along with Princess Hing Maw, the young daughter of Queen Hlaing Kyung, she had to play the five words of blessing, “May you be king, may you live long, may you be blessed with white elephants, may all your anger be extinguished, and may the face of the land be peaceful.”

After the abdication of the throne, he was sent to Yangon with his mother and his sister, and lived in Nawade Street. When his married sister Myie Long Princess died, Prince Kolin (consort of Myie Long) had other concubines and began to indulge in drinking.

Taitar princess had seen her sister’s loss of marriage life up close, so she was very afraid marriage life. But she married Prince Kolin for reason to take care the children of her sister, Princess Myie Long.

However, the middle son of his sister, Myie Long princess died at a young age, and the eldest daughter also lost again at puberty, so only the youngest daughter was able to take care of her until she reached adulthood.

At the 56th year of Taita, her consort prince Kolin died, and the life of her widow was the Japanese era. She was a long-lived princess until the post-independence era until 1956.

At the end of her life, princess Taita was 91 years old, and at that time, the three long-lived sons and daughters of King Minton, Prince Phainmana and his wife Tharamka Princess.

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