Tale Of Burmese Flower ‘Kanson Nwe’ or ‘Khaoryo Nwe’

The Name of Flower in Burmese

Burmese name of the flower is Khaoryo Nwe or Kanson Nwe. It’s a kind of Kanson. This flower, called Morning Glory, is mistaken for the moss rose, which is called the ten o’clock flower in Myanmar(Burma). It grows in cold regions and its seeds are often poisonous. If you see purple flowers, don’t drink a cup of green tea thinking it’s Aung Me Nyo. It is often poisonous.

The shape of the flower is not the same, the Aung Me Nyo color is small, but Kanson Nwe looks good with the Kanson flower.

Photo of Kason Nwe that had seen in Burma

Habitats of Flower

Kanson Nwe often blooms early in the morning and fades in the afternoon. The next morning it opened again.
That’s why its meaning comes with the meaning of survival and death. The flower look like the life cycle- survive, died, and lived again, like that.

Some Christians believe that Kanson Nwe (Morning Glory)’s lifespan is similar to that of humans because of its short lifespan. That’s why it should contribute to the world in some way while still flourishing.

They say Kanson Nwe is a flower associated with love. In the Victorian era, its meaning was love, or morals
The one who loves more. They also say that love never dies.

Photo of Kason Nwe that had seen in Burma

Legends concerned the Flower

In Japan, love a gift given between lovers, which means purity.

In China, love is limited. And the symbol of lovers who meet every year. There is a Chinese folk tale. The two youths neglected their responsibilities and fell madly in love, so the heavens were angry and separated them on opposite sides of the river. And only allowed to see once a year.
Kanson Nwe’s slowly growing plant form is reminiscent of the yearning of two lovers.

It is the birth flower of September and also the flower of the 11th wedding anniversary. It can also mean to be strong for someone who is following their dreams.

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