Taylor Swift’s Midnights Continues To Break Records On South Korean Spotify After Surpassing BTS

World famous pop singer Taylor Swift’s Midnights album was released on October 21st in South Korea. Taylor became the most listeners over BTS
ad #1 Artist meanwhile BTS is #2.

So, South Korea throughout history Spotify’s Daily Top Artists, she became the first western female artist ever to hit #1.

Midnights in Spotify history
is the fastest album to reach 300M streams (2 days).

On the second day, it hit 118.6M album streams, the debut day in Spotify history not only that, but also the album with the most streams.

Midnights is the 6th most streamed album in Spotify history, surpassing KW’s Donda.
The first one is also Midnights.

Total streams on Spotify on October 23rd, Taylor hit over Drake with 154.6M.
She became the 4th artist in Spotify history with the most daily streams. The first one was also Taylor.

On October 24th, it was a day in Spotify history where the most streams female artists is Taylor and it has been placed 9 times.

Top Streaming:
1. Taylor swift- 228M
2. TS – 154.2M (NEW)
3. TS – 122.9M
4. TS- 96.8M
5. TS- 93.7M
6. TS- 89.7M
7. TS – 84M
8. Ariana Grande – 83.9m
9. TS- 78.8
10. TS – 75.8M

16 years ago, Taylor Swift, who made her debut singing only country songs with a sweet voice 16 years ago with curly golden hair, is now a girl who can keep up with the boys and is a doctor of fine arts graduate. She is already standing as an Artist Of The Decade.

Taylor is the only person to have won the most VMA’s Video of the year and AMA’s Artist of the year awards, as well as having 4 albums selling 1M copies in the US in 1 week.

Billboard #1 hits single with 8 tracks and A.T.W 10min version. She also holds the record for the longest #1 song with 10 minutes and is the only person to have exactly 10 #1 hit albums on the Billboard 200.

She is the first woman to win Billboard’s biggest award, top artist. She entered Spotify back in 2017, but now she stands as one of the female singers with the most streams per day, week, month, year and one of the female singers with the most monthly listeners.

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