Thailand’s Popular Leading Actress & Singer, Yaya Urassaya Sperbund


Innocent like a child, she captured the audience with a sweet smile Yaya’s real name is “Urassaya Sperbund”, which means “Young Daughter Of Thailand”. All with love, they are called Yaya. Why Yaya? Yaya’s father was called “Yaya” because he couldn’t pronounce the Thai sound of “Urassaya” correctly.

Yaya on 18 March 1993 in Thailand
She was born in the city of Pattaya.
Her father is Norwegian and my mother is Thai, so Yaya is Thai-Norwegian.
As a sibling, I have an older sister named Catreeya Sperbund who is 3 years older. Her brothers are from my father’s side. There are 2 step brothers.

Yaya’s religion is Buddhism and he is very generous to charity. Every year
Kathon donation and school building
It is usually done to build a Temple.

Yaya’s photo


Height is 171cm (5’7″). The weight is 48KG. Her favorite food is chocolate, which she often hides under her mattress she often steals in the bathroom. The most frightening thing is the humanoid dolls. Because when she was young, Ya had a doll and she took that doll with her wherever she went. Even if you wash it because it is dirty, it will not be washed. That’s her mother told her that there are ghosts in those toys.

Yaya’s idols are P’Anne and P’Jui. I respect P’Anne very much and I like P’Jui because she is very beautiful.

Ever since he was young, he has alternated in countries such as England, Thailand, and Norway, and settled in Thailand after working as an artist.
He is also a person who can speak 5 languages ​​like English, Thai, Norwegian, French, and Spanish fluently.

Hobbies include planting trees, drawing, riding horses, swimming, basketball, soccer, and making pottery. He is always happy and optimistic. He is calm and very simple. Stubborn and unyielding, Yaya is sometimes like a child.

As for education, I only went to international schools when I was young, and most of my friends were foreigners. At home, my father doesn’t understand Thai and says it like English.
So Ya only spoke 30% Thai in the past.
The teacher is called only for the character of the film.
A school month in Australia in 2004
used to go If it wasn’t for art, what Ya really wanted to do was to work in government organizations or to work as a legal lawyer. Ya likes history and science subjects.
Although Ya is good at writing, she is not always the first student in her class. But he managed to get into Chulalongkorn University, one of Thailand’s number 1 universities, with a GPA of 3.8. In the 10th month of 2015, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree with specialization in Spanish.


Actress Life Beginning 

Yaya started entering the art industry by modeling in fashion shows. An event organizer named P’Tue offered Yaya to walk in a show while Yaya was shopping with her mother at a shopping mall. In 2008, he acted in 2 films
One was not broadcast. In 2010, through the movie Kularb RaiNarm, all the fans noticed. Senior actress Benz said that this girl will be successful one day. As he said, Ya is now one of Thailand’s leading actresses, as well as a nationally successful actress.

Ya’s Famous Movie

And in 2018, the movie called “Brother Of The Year”, starring together with P’Sunny and Nickhun, achieved success in Thailand, as well as in some countries across Asia, as well as in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. In addition, within a week of its release, it earned a record of over 200 million. In terms of the story, it is a Family Comedy Drama genre that prioritizes the relationship between siblings, and it is a successful movie with good acting skills to make P’Sunny and Ya think they are real siblings.

Singer Life

Ya is not only an actress but also a good singer. With a lovely voice, Ya also sings many theme songs herself. Because of the song “Make it Happen” that she sang for Maybelline, fans recognized Ya as a master of Pop, R&B, and Hip-hop. In addition, in P’Nadech’s solo concert held in 2019, she sang the song Kill This Love in Korean and showed her dancing skills to the fans. In 2020, she also sang Blackpink’s Ice Cream song by herself and performed in both singing and dancing as well as rapping.

Her Love Story 

As for love, as we all know, “Nadech Kugimiya”. On 20.05.2019 The Real Nadech Concert, Nadech himself held Yaya’s hand and announced that this is my sweetheart. In an interview, P’Nadech said that Yaya is his future. Yaya said that there is no other person like P’Nadech in the world. He is one of the kind for his sister. I used to say it’s the best in the world.

Nadech & Yaya Couple


And when it’s each other’s birthday or Valentine’s day, they always post pictures and cute messages. Notably, on Valentine’s Day 2016, P’Nadech gave Yaya the English Garden Rose: Juliet flower, the second most expensive flower in the world, with only 24 flowers in the world. In addition, they are a couple who have been designated as a meritorious couple because they do a lot of charity work.

Ya is known as the “Angel Of Entertainment”. Known as the Queen of Presenters, Ya has promoted more than 200 shows, which is the highest record in Thailand’s art world. In addition, all the items that Ya touches, touches, and uses are all sold out, so they are still called the “Sold Out Queen”.

She is included in the list of The Most Beautiful Women every year. He was also appointed as a friend of the famous LV brand. Yaya is the first artist from Thailand selected by Vogue America to participate in The Project of Vogue World.

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