You know that the Sanpael flower is called “Jasmine” in English. In fact, Jasmine is derived from the Persian word “yasmine”. The meaning of “yesmine” is “gift from God”.

The Jasmine flower is the national flower of Pakistan. On their wedding day, they wear garlands mixed with jasmine and roses. (In India movie & drama, there are garlands worn in the wedding room.) Indonesia also has that tradition. In Thailand, standard flowers are mother, respect It carries meanings such as expressing love.

Jasmine, under the name of Sanpael, there are Jasmine with slightly different styles, such as Sakhale Jasmine and Jasmine Chicken Office. The best of them is called Sampaguita in the Philippines. It was derived from the Filipino word sumpa kita based on the Spanish word. The meaning is “promise yourself”. Specifically, Jasmine Sambac. In Burmese, I think it’s called a Jasmine pitcher. The smell is sweeter than the usual 12 season Jasmine.


In the past, there was a custom of exchanging Sampaguita wreaths like wedding rings. As proof of the love between the two of them. Jasmine is not used much in Myanmar, but it is used as a wedding flower in many countries.

And the meaning of Jasmine flowers in the Philippines is “Eternal love”.

It’s the same in America. There are meanings like beauty, love, romance.

Jasmine has different meanings depending on the place. But in general, its meaning is related to love and can also be taken to mean beauty.


In one legend, a Tuscan sage (a people living in the Tuscany region of central Italy) received an amaranth tree from a Persian merchant. He did not ask anyone to pick it. One day, he gifted a girl he likes a flower with Jasmine flowers. The girl fell in love with Manpael’s smell, so she agreed to marry him. That’s why in the Tuscan tradition, brides’ bouquets are made with Jasmine beads.

Jasmine is often used in many fields such as lotions, perfumes, soaps, etc.
There is even Jasmine tea. But that Jasmine tea is actually not a kind of drinking warm water with dried Jasmine flowers. A mixture of green tea and Jasmine aroma.


How to infuse the aroma of Jasmine into dry tea? Put Jasmine pods into green tea at night and let it steep for six hours.
It can be soaked. That’s why the Jasmine smell comes into the tea. One thing to be aware of is that the Jasmine bay leaf is not edible, so it should not be added to tea.

There are many members of the Jasmine tribe in Myanmar. I will continue to write about those flowers as a subsection below.

Small Jasmine
Jasminum Grandiflorum


June flower is called small jasmine.
Mulay grandiflorum is called Jasminum grandiflorum and Jasminum is called Gardenia (cape jasmine).

Gardenia (Cape Jasmine)

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