The Burmese Actress Who Attended To The Academy Awards By Wearing Homemade Clothes And Shoes

A actress who attended with home clothes, to the Academy Awards (Burmese Annual Film Awards) is Myat Mon and received the award in this fashion.

Regarding Burmese movie actors and actresses, it have often heard from adults. Myat Mon, who was still young, was taken by an older director, Sadhu Gyi.

Sadhu is the father of director Maung Wunna and actor Thumaung, and is the age of a grandfather.

Today, thanks to Facebook, we saw the beauty of actress Myat Mon, who we often heard in our childhood that she was very beautiful.

Khin Than Nu, a beautiful actress I saw that Myat Mon’s beauty was not the beauty of a Burmese actress like Tin Tin Nyo and Khin Than Nu, but that of a Korean actress.

At the 1959 Academy Awards, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in ‘Motion Picture’.

Actress Myat Mon attended and received an award at the Academy Awards held at the Voice of Myanmar grass, is running about fifty years ahead of time.
(I have read that she was instructed by Sadhu to dress like in the movie she shot.)

In 1958, Myat Mon was only 16 years old when the movie Ka Kyi Reka directed by Sadhu was filmed, and he acted alongside actor Tun Wai.

Actress Myat Mon has starred in twenty movies, including First Class, Behind the Lace Curtain, and the 1970 movie Golden Halo in Velvet Shoes.

The last filmed movie was in the 2019 film, Milk Monster, directed by Lu Min.

Actress Myat Mon was married director Sadhu and had an only son, Aryu (composer of one of May Sui’s famous songs).

Princess Myat Mon established a new marriage with Accordion Ohn Kyaw and had two children.

Actress Myat Mon retired from the movie world at the age of 32.

Movie actress Myat Mon was born in 1942 and is now in her 80s. Movie actress Myat Mon lives austerely with her family.

Films that have been shot:

1. Ka Gyi Reka (with Tun Wai)
2. Easy to cry ( with Min Lwin)
3. Guest
4. If only (College Jin Ne Win)
5. Answer (Tun Wai. College Jin Ne Win, Tin Tin Nu)
6. Reading Club (Tun Wai, May Nu)
7. Bel Pa Thar Lo Yin (College Jin Ne Win)
8. Responsibility
9. Martial Artist (Zaw Lwin)
10. Wearing Velvet Shoes, Golden Halo (Jasmine)
11. The Enigmatic Girl (Zaw Eun, Aye Thin)
12. My Brother, My Land, My Mother (Nyun Win)
13. Lover, Than Thant, Khao Khoo (Zaw Eun)
14. Ash Glass And Stone Water (Win Nyunt, Tan Thein Tan, Sanda)
15. I Can’t Give You Gold (Maung Yin Kyi, Nu Nu Nu Mu)
16. Behind The Curtain (College Jinne Win, Aayethin)
17. A beautiful Woman Named Thaet (Tun Wai)
18. Don’t Stop Your Passion (Kyaw Hein)
19. Beloved Girlfriend
20. Milk Monster

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