The great diamond hairpin that Queen Suphara Lat wore was handed down by Manipura Ket Sowpwa during the reign of King Baetao , and it had 90 Rati.

The headdress was first planted by Shin Minnu, the grandmother of Queen Supha Lat, and it was only when things fell apart that Shwe Taito kept it. After Shin Minnu, there were three queens, namely, Queen of Keng, Queen Pagan Mintra and Queen Sinkara Devi kept this diamond hairpin in the Shweto Temple for almost 40 years without having it pierced.

During the reign of Min Tong Dynasty, Queen Sin Pyu Ma Shin wanted to dress up as her mother (Shin Minnu) had once worn the great diamond hairpin, but because she only had the middle levels, she did not dare to apply to the king.

During the reign of his daughter, the Chief Queen Suphura Lat, the great diamond hairpin that her mother had wanted to wear during her life had not been pinned on was taken out from Shwe Taito , and it is seen that it was always pinned on the head of the pama that her grandmother Shin Minnu had worn.

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