In the history of the Konepaung period, the four ‘Nangra’ royal queens were the luckiest and most advanced queens, but among them, the three ‘Nangra’ queens who were unlucky had to be executed and ended their lives.

The queens who were so unlucky were the queens of the West Palace of Tharawati Min, Ma Mya Lay, the queen of the South Palace of the King Sagaing Min, and the queen of the North Palace of the Chak Kum that will be presented now.

The father of the queen of the North Palace
One of the 6 heroes of the great-grandfather of Son Koumin, Ngatha, titled with “Mahatthihatura” and was a person who gained the trust of the king.

The aunt of the queen of the North Palace was the chief queen during the reign of Sin Pyu Shin.

During the reign of ‘Sin Phyu Shin’, the father’s previous order was canceled and his son, Prince Sinkku, was placed in charge of the house.

Therefore, after the death of King Sin Pyu Shin Min, his son Sinkku Prince ascended the throne in 1138 as the fourth king of the Konepaung Dynasty. As a special feature, it is known that among the 11 generations of Konepaung kings, King Sinkku is the most dignified in appearance.

On the accession of the King Sinkku, the daughter of the Minister Mahathirhatura was appointed as the Queen of the North Palace with the title of “Sri Mahamyam Devi”.

At that time, the King Sinkku imprisoned the princes who could usurp his throne, and the queen’s father did not want him to do so.

Therefore, the queen’s father was sent to the Sagaing City with all his belongings and his daughter. The queen of the North Palace also left all her belongings and sent her to the Sagaing .

As soon as, King Sinkku choose a concubine from the reign of her father King Sin Pyu Shin was appointed as the queen of the North Palace again.

When the former queen of the North Palace in Sagaing heard this news, she wrote and sent a letter of reprimand to the King Sinkku. Therefore, the King Sinkku had captured and taken away
the former queen of the North Palace in Sagaing in 1139 and was thrown into the water and brutally executed.

The queen of the North Dynasty had only reigned as queen for about 1 year and died.

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