The Last ‘Tapintai’ Princess Of The Konebao Era

Princess Slin, the last Tapintai princess of the Konepao era, did not accept the fact that she would have to be the chief queen during the reign of the next Konepao king, which was the right given to the Tapintai princesses.

Queen Linpan born her on Thursday since then her childhood name was Myal Myonwe.

After her life as a princess, she was adopted as a daughter by queen Khin Thae, the queen of the North Palace, who had no children, and was given the title of “Thuthiri Myatt Yadana Devi” by her father,King Min Ton, who was also given the title of “Salin”.

The term “Suphara” is used to refer only to princesses of desendents of Konebao royal families on the mother’s side, the princess’s mother was ordinary women but Slin princess are pronounced as ‘Suphara’.

She had two younger brothers, Prince Kyapin and Prince Ranaung, of whom Prince Kyapin was King Minton’s favorite son, so there was a saying “Daughter is Salin, Son is Kyapin”.

Among King Minton’s daughters, Myienaung Suphara Gyi, Myataung Suphara Lat, and she managed together the gold tax, silver tax, and cotton tax in the Yadanapa palace. She and Myienaung Suphara were forgiving if they found a problem, but Suphara Lat, who supervised the cotton tax, was the one who took action.

After Prince Kanung was assassinated, her father, the king, gave her the rank of ‘Pintai San’, which is only one princess in a dynasty. ‘Pintai San’ means someone who will be the chief queen during the reign of the next king.
After the death of King Minton, the day after his body was buried, she abandoned that position and became a nun at the Slin Monastery at the foot of Mandalay Mountain.

A few months after she became a nun, she heard the bad news that the children born from the wife of her brother Kyapin Prince, and the wife of Prince Ranaung, who had been arrested, were killed.

A few months later, she died as a nun at the age of 33. The body of princess Slin was buried in the temple of Slin, but today there is nothing to study as the tomb of Princess Slin.

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