The Life Background Of Thipao Thakhin And Queen Thipao

Queen Thipao : Swetan Ho Khin Thuza

Sawkhin Thuza, the daughter of Thipaw Sawbwor, another queen of Minton Min, returned to her hometown of Thipawho after the end of the Burmese feudal throne. She lived long from her nephew Sawwhee Sa Sawchel to her grandson Sawwwe Sawonk who built the palace seen today.

The following picture is a picture taken in Thipao Ho Nang, and in the picture, the Queen is surrounded by her nephew Sa Saw Chel standing behind Sulu (the person in front of Sa Sawchel).
The inserted picture is a picture taken with her husband who is sitting on the other side.

A picture taken in Thipao Ho Nang

The young woman who was cradled in the arms of Queen Thipaw was Suva Nyueng who later became the Mahadevi of Kain Tong. The baby boy in the back is Sow Ongwa who later became Thipaw Sowwa. Both of those children are the son and daughter of Sa Sawchel.

Life Background Of Thipao Thakhin

Thipao Thakhin who had been freed from the affairs of the court for two generations.

During Thipao’s reign, when the other queens had a small face, he was sworn in by the king’s mother (Queen Long Shal) at the house arrest ceremony.

Photo of Thipao Thakhin

During Thipao’s reign, there was a rebellion of Maung Dao Sawkhunsai in Thipawha, but Thipaw Thakin in the palace was not taken any action.

When the throne was lost, she returned to her original throne and ended his life peacefully with a life long respected even during the reign of his nephews, without even receiving an English pension.

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