The master of Pyinsi or Pyinsi Thakhin Gyi

During Thipao’s reign, the 6 Thakhin Gyi grew immensely in power among the royal women in the west of the palace.

Six Great Thakhin

Those 6 had to eat in the dormitory of Queen Su Phara Lat, and had to control the rest of the princesses. Those 6 great Thakhin are Pantane Thakhin, Kyao pantaung Thakhin, Taungu Thakhin, Tharat Thakhin, Pyinsi Thakhin, Kyaose Thakhin.

In the past, only the concubines of the princes (Kanaung Min) were called by the title of Thakhin Gyi, but during the reign of King Thipao, these 6 women were given the title of Thakhin, so they were called that.

Chances Owned By Thakhin

Those great Thakhin were given the insignia of queens and were even allowed to wear the Mallika costume. Therefore, when those great masters were traveling from one place to another, they used to ride on a horse-drawn carriage, and they used to travel in front of them with golden umbrellas in their arms.

In the days of the old King Minton, the maidens did not travel like that, let alone their wives. Even the ministers did not dare to go. Because once, the wife of a minister used to walk around wearing a golden halo like those great lords.

This news reached the Minister through the Deputy’s wife, who complained to King Minton about it. The king was pleased and did not take the blame for the matter. Because of this, the rest of the women were afraid of King Pahan and took her as an example, and no one dared to walk like that.

However, during the reign of King Thipao, those great masters grew in power and began to travel in the same way as before.

Pyinsi Thakhin’s Background

Among the 6 great Thakhin, the grandfather of Pyinsi Thakhin was the minister of the Duke of Sittaung. That minister is a great person who came to Bagan King’s sleeping place with a white star and gave him a dream to end the story of Baisat and Maung Pein, who grew in power during the reign of King Bagan.

During the reign of King Thipao, Pyinsan Thakhin was given the title of “Sriwanna” and the city of Pyinsan had to get the same as the king’s daughter and princesses. Pyinsi Thakhin also wore diamond, gold and silver jewelry, just like the king’s daughters and princesses.

In addition to this, in 1245 during the reign of Thipao Min, when he was the governor’s deputy, the wife of the governor’s deputy was handed over to the King of Pyongyang along with her life and possessions. The meaning is that the life of the deputy chief was owned by Pyinsi Thakhin and made her life a servant of Pyinsi.

These are some of the lives and roles of the great masters of the Yadanapon era.

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