‘Tha Ka Wun’ religious community was worked by the well known ‘Kinwun Mingyi U Kaung’. He was brought into the world in 1822 and served for both Lord Min Don and Lord Sipaw.

During the rule of Lord Min Don, Kinwun Mingyi was shipped off European nations as a diplomat. Furthermore, when he showed up back to Myanmar, he began building the ‘Tha Ka Wun’ religious community with the impact of European engineering.

The points of support used to construct the cloister were enhanced with blossom mesh and furthermore enriched with the sculpture of falcon and aery.

Some said this building was work for U Kaung to live in and some likewise said this building was intended to give the Priest Dhamma, child of U Kaung.

After U Kaung died, Sa Yr Taw U Dhamma covered him directly before the cloister.
It is our obligation to keep up with the legacy left by our predecessors.

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