The name that used to be called to women in Ancient Burma

1. The eight-year-old woman is called ‘Gaw Ri’.
2. A ten-year-old girl is called ‘Ka Nyar’.
3. Twelve-year-old is ‘Kone Dar Yi’
4. Thirteen-year-old is ‘Thway Sone’
5. Fifteen-year-old is ‘Myat Myal’
6. Twenty-year-old is ‘Myat Won’
7. Twenty-five-year-old is ‘Myat Nyune’
8. Forty years old is called ‘Myung Tuu’.

In the ‘Dhamnamit’ book, a ten-year-old is called ‘Kalyani’. The seven-year-old girl is described as ‘Darika’ again.

Name calling by age

(1) The age from birth to ten years old is called ‘Mandhathaka’. It means an age that is not full of wisdom.

(2) Age from ten years to twenty years old is called ‘Kheetadathaka’. It means the age of having fun.

(3) From twenty to thirty years old is called ‘Wannadathaka’. It means the most beautiful age.

(4) From thirty to forty is called ‘Baladathaka’. It is the best time in life.

(5) The age from forty to fifty is called the age of ‘nyanadathaka’, the most intelligent age.

(6) Age from fifty to sixty is called ‘Hanidathaka’. It is the time that body of the decline in blood pressure.

(7) The age of sixty to seventy is called the age of ‘pavbaradathaka’. It means that the old body of human is gradually destroyed.

(8) The age of seventy to eighty is called ‘Winkadathaka’.

(9) The age of eighty to ninety is called ‘Maumuhadathaka’. It’s a forgetful age.

(10) Age from ninety to one hundred is called ‘Thayanadathaka’. It means that it can’t go anymore and it was bedridden.

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