The Pagodas with the imitation of Buddha’s tooth artifact-

‘Tant Kyi Taung’ Pagoda

‘Tant Kyi Taung’ Pagoda is the one of the four artifact pagodas in Bagan, Swe ‘Taw Lay Su’ and it is situated on the Thant Kyi Slope which is on the western side of Ayeyawaddy Waterway, which falls on the opposite side of Bagan.

The previous name of Tant Kyi Slope is ‘Hiranya’ Slope (slope that produces gold, silver and metal).

As indicated by authentic colloquialisms concerning ‘Tant Kyi Taung’ Pagoda, it was named as Tant Kyi Slope since when the ‘Gautama Buddha’ had been on his excursion to ‘Hiranya’ Slope, where he halted and took a gander at the opposite side of Ayawaddy Waterway, and afterward gave prescience about Bagan on the highest point of the Slope.

It had been said that the Ruler Thiri Dhammah Thawka constructed a pagoda principal on Tant Kyi Slope as well as the Lord Anawrahta redesigned and fabricated Tant Kyi Taung Pagoda revered with tooth remnant from Siri Lanka in eleventh hundred years.

‘Lawkananda’ Pagoda

‘Lawkananda’ Pagoda, the unmistakable antiquated pagoda of Bagan, is the third sanctuary with the reproduction of Buddha’s tooth artifact and is situated on the bank of Ayawaddy Stream.

Ruler ‘Anawrahta’ constructed ‘Lawkananda’ Pagoda on the clifftop of the stream bank where the Lord’s trinket halted and bowed down.

As per history of Bagan, Lawkananda harbor was the principal exchange harbor Bagan. At there, the reproduction of Buddha’s tooth artifact brought from Siri Lanka had been invited and presented by the ruler Anawrahta himself swimming into the stream.

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