The Persons Who Received The Duties Of ‘Lathonetaw Gyi’

Lathonetaw Gyi, the highest-ranking position among the palace staff in the ancient Burmese court, was selected and appointed with special care.

The persons chosen as Lathonetaw Gyi are the persons trusted by His Majesty. Full of energy and strength. They are descended from noble and pure lineages.

When the 13 people who are full of such qualifications have been systematically selected and screened
served as Lathonetaw Gyis.

Lathonetaw Gyis wore green velvet with a wide bodice, a loose-fitting shirt, and shorts, and over these shorts, a loon cloth was tied around his waist. In addition, he had to put a green scarf on his head.

They could enter and leave the palace as needed, and always served near the king, holding a sword. Except for them, the rest of the staff officers were not allowed to carry any weapons, not even a needle.

Under them, the people of North Dawei led by North Dawei ataff, Taung Tabuy led by Taung Tabuy staff. The people of North Marabin There are six groups of internal bodyguards, including the Shwe Pyi Ting King.

In 1241 during the reign of King Thipao , gave Lathonetaw Gyis to Maung Maung Tok, the duke of Ranaung, who was awarded the title of “Great King Hla Min’s Thinker” to lead the left group. The King also gave Lathonetaw Gyis to Maung Maung Broong, the Duke of Ping Tha, with title “Great Philosopher Sri Thankhya” to lead the right group.

Lathonetaw Gyis was the leader of the royal uprising that occurred in 1240 during King Thipao’s reign.

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