The Poet Of Burmese Poem ‘Aung San Zani’

If you tell me a poem that almost all burmese students have memorized in 50 years, then those who know it will say ‘Aung San Zani’.

However, if you ask again who wrote that poem, they will be confused and confused.

“Aung San Zani”

In February thirteenth
It is General’s birthday
One thousand nine hundred and fifteen
Son of Lawyer U Pha
Native is Natmak, Taung-twin District
Many know it until now
He is brave knight and
Mother Daw Su’s Son (originally)
It is a poem that begins with etc.

More than 50 years ago, U Ye Aung Naing, the son of Colonel Ye Tun, who is approaching 60, is recounting the events of the Revolutionary Council era.

I don’t think it would be too much to say that the poem, which was immediately compiled to solve the situation where two children were having difficulty studying, is a poem that has dominated almost all students in the past 50 years.

Everyone said Everyone likes it as it has been memorized. It is a short and timely poem about the country’s leader, General Aung San, which is good to recite and read.

Famous people in Myanmar’s history, such as Anawrahta, Alongmintayar, Kyansisthar , Thakhin Kotawmyine and U Nu, these all persons’s biographies and birthday well-known.

A child can begin to understand the story of U Aung San by saying, “February 13th is the General’s birthday.” The poem was so powerful.

But sadly, those who memorized the poem rarely knew who created the poem.

Most consider that the poem ‘Aung San Zani’, which is currently in the third grade Myanmar textbook, was written by the great poet Tin Moe, who has written many course poems.

However, U Tin Moe’s family members have denied it.

The bottom paragraph of the poem, “Socialist framework policies have been adopted by the generals” is in the original text. No, it has been a matter of debate for many years.

In the world of politics and the world of literature, even in the world of education, the paradox is still uncertain.

Because of these things, U Ye Than’s family went to the Ministry of Education in 2017 to inform them that their father was the original owner.

“What we knew from the beginning is that the textbooks do not mention the name of the author in the poems.

When this happens, I want you to honor my father and know that he wrote it. And the last paragraph is original. No, let’s explain,” U Ye Tun family members said.

The family said that the original poem contained the text ‘The Ways of a Socialist’.

In General Aung San’s Na Ny Kyaw Shwedagon Pisian conference speech, “Socialist Zen, welfare of the people, it is used to say that the spread of public welfare will improve.”

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