The four queens who took the throne are

Queen of the South Palace (Agma Hethi Chief Queen)

The queen of the North Palace

The queen of the middle palace

The queen of the West Palace

The queen of the South Palace has the highest position after the king. The queen of the South Palace has the second most power in the country. If the king speaks, she can put her hand on her cheek and give something that she wants to give as a gift to the king directly. She can even smoke in front of the king.

The four royal queens hold the highest position in the western palace and have the right to wear shoes in front of the king. As the eldest queen wears ‘Mallikatansa’ in the royal banquet, the other three royal queens are allowed to wear ‘Ganamatatansa’.

The three queens of ‘Nang Sue’ are

‘Seinton’ queen

‘Longshyae’ queen

‘Magwe’ queen

These three queens have a lower position than the four queens who carry the throne and a higher position than the four queens who carry the little throne.

The queen’s dormitory was built by the king. Among the three queens of ‘Nang Sue’, Queen ‘Seinton’ was given more love and her throne lavishly constructed like the quarters of the royal queens. The other two queens were built in the same way as the palace of the dormitory queens.

The four queens who have a dormitory

‘Taungnan’ Queen

‘Mautnan’ Queen

‘Taung Shweseong’ Queen

‘Maut Shweseong’ Queen

The four queens who received the dormitory were non-royal queens and ordinary people. These queens are queens with the title of Devi, and the palaces of the two queens of ‘Shwe Seong’ are beautifully constructed by placing gold in them.

The rest of the queens are simply queens and can be ranked according to the title they are given.

The queen with the title “Devi” is the highest rank and is the first rank queen.

The “Mahe” is the second highest queen.

“Wati” queen is the third rank queen.

“Ruza” is the fourth-ranking queen among the titled queens.

“Paba” is the fifth-ranking queen in the queens.

“Ketha” is the sixth-ranked queen in the queens.

The queen with the title “Sanda” is the queen of the seventh rank.

“Mala” is the queen of the eighth rank.

“Mutta” degree queen is the ninth rank queen.

etc., the great queens were classified up to 9 levels, but it is common to find that the fourth level queen, “Ruza”, is promoted once and praised.

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