The friendship between the second Myan Aung Princess and Thibaut Prince is great. Especially the spirit of friendship that the successful actress had towards Prince Thipaw From the childhood of Prince Thipaw, the life of the king. From then on, even after the death of the king, it never failed.

The second Myan Aung Princess can be distinguished as the second Myan Aung Princess to distinguish her from her older sister, the first successful actress.

The first Myan Aung Princess was born to her father, King Ka Naung’s wife Shin Rung, and is a half-sister.

In 1228, the first successful actress was arrested for her involvement in the incident of the Prince of Pasterne, and all the towns and villages of the village were taken back.

The second Myan Aung Princess, Mae Swe Chit, was born in 1218 to Prince San Ka Naung and his concubine Shwe Lham Khin Bae. Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her daughter.

Myan Aung Princess was also motherless at a young age. The second Myan Aung Princess was picked up by her half-sister, Sampaelnagor actress.

Princess Sampaelnagor is the older sister of the first Yan Sihe actress as well as the favorite daughter of her father, San Ka Naung Min.

The second Myan Aung Princess played with two actors of the same age in her childhood, Thepaw Prince, They always played together with the white monkey prince.The white monkey prince’s mother, Tapae Tae Prince White Monkey died when he was still young, and the prince had to be taken in and taken care of by his aunt Sein Thuen.

A group of children with the same life played as good friends and spent their childhood. At that time, the young Prince Thipaw was always bullied by the White Monkey Prince, but once the oldest of the group, the young and aggressive actress, did not stand up for the young Prince Thipaw who was being bullied, and arrested the White Monkey Prince Maung Maung Tin and sent him to death instead of Prince Thipaw.

Then the white monkey prince wept and mistook his sister Sampaelnagor princess for the mother of the young princess.

“May your mother Sampaelnagor die”

It is often released. When Prince Thipaw became king, Mae Swe Chit, whom he had been in a relationship with since childhood, was recognized in return by giving him a special honor by giving him food in the city of Yang Phrae.

In addition to this, Prince Thipaw was so attached to the fact that until he became king, he only used to smoke cigarettes given to him by the successful princess.

Here again, it is strange that Queen Khao Kyi Su Phura Lat was not jealous of her friend Than Yoza between the successful princess and Thipaw King.

In 1247, when the king became king and the country was destroyed, the second-ranking princess was treated as a third-class princess by the British government and paid 75 kyats per month.

The second Myan Aung Princess was married to Maung Maung Lat, the most beloved brother of Queen Khao Kyi Su Phura Lat, and gave birth to two daughters.

The princess’s great bond with Prince Thipao is not only as a king, but also as a son of Yadana Giri, who no longer has any position, power or wealth. The 57-year-old daughter of King Thi Pao Min’s daughter Na Tun was so big that the 57-year-old actress went there despite the waves and the wind.

When she arrived at Yadanagiri, the successful princess was so sad that she could not stop crying when she appeared in front of the two lords.

19 years later, in 1297, the 79-year-old Yan Siyhe Kyi died in Pattaw, Sagaing City, where she lived.

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