The Famous “Chainsaw Man” Anime


– The series director of the famous “Chainsaw Man” anime of Fall anime 2022 is “Ryu Nakayama”, who has just made his directorial debut.

Mappa Studio’s CEO, Manabu Otsuka, appointed the now 30-year-old animator as series director.

– The average age of a series director is 42 years old, so Ryu Nakayama got this job at a very young age.

– Since the anime has reached EP 4, everyone will have seen its direction.

– In 2010, Ryu Nakayama, a college student in his 20s, had never done a TV anime, and only posted animation gifs on Twitter.

– At that time, Tatsuya Yoshihara from Actus Studio sent a message to Ryu Nakayama through twitter and offered to work on animation for the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes anime. Ryu Nakayama accepted and started the animation work for the first time.

– Through that, I had the opportunity to do some animations with the help of Tatsuya Yoshihara in famous anime like Nisemonogatri and Sword Art Online.

– After graduating from the university, in 2012, I worked at the famous Studio Gainax.

– In 2013, he left Studio Gainax and worked at Tatsunoko Production Studio. His first job was doing some animations from Naruto Op 13.

– Ryu Nakayama also helped his uni friend Shun Enokido get a job at Tatsunoko Production.

– Shun Enokido said in an interview that Ryu Nakayama asked him to join Tatsunoko Production because he was jealous of the chance to work on Naruto Op 13.

– Tatsuya Yoshihara, who had the opportunity to direct Episode 9 of the Yozakura Quartet anime, gave most of the animation duties to his friends Takahito Sakazune, Ryu Nakayama, and Shun Enokido.


– It may be wrong to trust a newbie doctor so much, but the trio of Ryu Nakayama was able to fully implement that belief.

– The trio later worked together and participated as an animation team in the Hunter x Hunter movie

– In 2015, Ryu Nakayama got his first storyboard writing job, and in 2016, he became the main animator and episode director of the Macross Delta anime ending song.

– Since then, Ryu Nakayama gained a lot of experience and the trio started working more in action anime like Sword Art Online Ordinal scale.

– Also, Gamers Op was made by Tatsuya Yoshihara and that trio, and Black clover Ending song 1 was directed by Ryu Nakayama and did solo animation.

– In 2019, instead of opening and ending songs, I became the episode director who filmed an episode completely, and was in charge of FGO Babylonia Episode 16, Rising of the Shield Hero EP 16.

– In addition, he worked with Shun Enokido and Tatsuya Yoshihara on Ryu Nakayama’s song The Raison d’etre of famous singer Eve.

– In 2020, Ryu Nakayama came to Mappa and did some animations in Jujutsu Kaisen EP 1, and is the director of EP 19, one of the roughest episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen.

– When the Chainsaw man Anime was announced, Ryu Nakayama was finally the series director

– Chainsaw man author, Tatsuki Fujimoto is almost the same age, so it is believed that the two will clash.

– Ryu Nakayama welcomed his trio, Tatsuya Yoshihara as well as many young and enthusiastic animators….He also asked his favorite singer to perform the ending song.

– In the Chainsaw man anime, Ryu Nakayama’s team’s energy can be seen a lot (especially Episode 4).

– This is about Chainsaw man series director, Ryu Nakayama.

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