The princess Htate Kong Tin Kaung was the wife of prince Htate Tin Maet, who revolutionized the British imperialism, and the prince was the one who revolutionized the British. After the princess did not have a spouse, she had to face the difficulties of life with her children throughout the English era.

Princess Htate Kong Tin Khaung was born from Khin Bae Kyi, the concubine of the Prince of Kanung, and out of five siblings, three of them died in childhood. Only two sisters survived.

When the actress was an adult, she married her half-brother, Prince Htate Tin Maet. The prince was born from Khin Ke, the concubine of Prince Ka Naung, who was the brother of Queen Khan Myint.

During the reign of King Thipao, Princess Htate Kong Tin Kaung was honored as the “Nurse Mother” and nursed the first son of Queen Su Phara Lat, the little prince “Shwe Sot Dawgy”.

At that time, the queen was from the middle level of the family and it was a time when most of the princesses lived in the palace forlornly, so being selected as a nurse could be said to be a great honor.

If Prince Shwe Sot Dawgyu becomes king in the future, the princess Htate Tin Kaung, who was once a nurse, may be honored as the king’s mother.

The consort of princess Htate Kong Tin Kaung, Prince Htate Tin Maet, rebelled against the British in December 1885, 1 month after the reign of King Thipao. Then the princess Htate Tin Kaung followed the prince with her children.

At that time, the top-ranking prince gathered his strength and captured Shwebo City, and was able to capture it for only a few days, and was forced to retreat due to lack of weapons. After that, he regrouped his forces, captured the city of Tang Se, and escaped into the jungle, but he did not recover from malaria, and he died in 1887.

At the time of the English Revolution, Prince had only been around for 1 or 2 years. When the prince died, the British government took the three children from the princess.

However, the British government did not give the three children an education, and the monks secretly taught them to read and write because of the influence of their father, the prince.

As for the Htate Kong Tin Kaung princess, it seems that she was not lucky since she was facing a difficult life.

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