The Three Long-lived Queens Of The Konepao Dynasty

The following picture shows the three queens who are the queens of King Minton, and they were taken in front of the governor’s house in Nang-myo-taw when the Prince of Wales visited Mandalay in the 1920s.

Three long-lived queens of King Mintono

Queen Ngeng Zun ( Number 1 in the photo)

The queen in the place of no.1 is the queen of Ngeng Zun, a graduate of “Shuthiri Klya” with Thai blood. This queen is one of King Minton’s younger queens, and she has won the king’s affection despite her young age. It is said that Queen Ngeng Zun won the king’s love not because of her looks, but because of her knowledge of literature and scriptures.

Photo of Queen Ngeng Zun when she was young

She cherished it so much that she was given the opportunity to personally hand over a certain item to be presented to the king. Except for the chief queens, the rest of the queens have no direct access to the kings and only have to pay an intermediary. Because of that, King Minton gave the opportunity to take care of Queen Ngeng Zun closely for medicine in his last moments.

Queen Kyay Myint (Number 2 in the photo)

The queen in the place of no.2 is the Kyay Myint queen who holds the title of “Shuthiri Paba Mahe”. This queen is the last queen who was raised by King Minton. Although she was chosen as the last queen, she was the youngest queen. During the reign of King Thi Pao, she and his only son were taken out of the royal palace on top of the palace to be safe, and went to live with his father, the Minister of Yay Nan Chaung.

Photo of Queen Kyay Myint when she was young

When the queen lost her throne, she owned thousands of oil wells, so she was the richest queen among the other aristocracy who depended only on English pensions at that time.

Queen Theinni (Number 3 in the photo)

The queen in the place is a Sinni queen who holds the title of “Shuthiri Paba”. Queen Theinni’s appearance was comparable to that of King Minton’s most beautiful queen Tharasein.

However, due to the fact that his father and brother could not suppress the rebels in Theinni City, Queen Theinni in the palace had to stop with the title of “Paba” and even though her only son died, he did not get any title. During the reign of Thipao Min, his son was killed, and Queen Theinni had to live in a prison until her abdication.

Queen Theinni when she was young

The royal lives of these three queens are very interesting. As one had the opportunity to communicate directly with the king, One of them was the last person to be chosen as the queen but the last one was the one who, as beautiful as she was, was not loved by the king and was rejected.

I believe that the life of the queens of the court, who have experienced such nostalgia and tragedy, the life of the old queens who fell from the throne during the British colonial slavery, and when they return to the court again, their emotions will be more mysterious than the lives they have encountered.

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