The traditional dress of the ancient Burmese men: ‘Thorin’ Eainkyi and ‘Taungshal’ Pusoe

National Costume

‘Thorin’ shirt and ‘Taungshal’ long cloth are the ancient ancestors of the Burmese men and traditional clothing that has been worn throughout the ages. It is the real national dress of the Burmese people.

Today’s traditional Burmese national dress, the Taikpon and the Phasoe, are the clothes worn by royal servants and ordinary people during the Yadanapon period.

1st Time To See
Burma’s Thorin shirt and Taungshal long cloth has evolved over the ages
At the time, when Thorin shirt was found elaborately, it was during the Konepao era, and the Taungshal long cloth has started to be seen in the Nyaungran period.

There are 2 types of sewing atterns for Thorin and same stitch but different size.

Thorin Shirt

The Thorin shirt is worn with long sleeves. It is the type and the east side is only extended to the belly.
The next year, it can be worn until it covers the buttock and split up to the breast. It is a long sleeve type.

Another one is knee-length type.

The appearance of a handsome ancient man about 1980 to 1990

Taungshal Long Cloth

Taungshal long cloth with a hook design in ancient times, decorated with gold embroidery and sequins.

In the inspection of the quality of cotton fabric in the past, insert the pillow into the ring. From one side to the beginning, it is said that if you pull it out, it will breathe easily.

Burmese nationals are also called ‘Minyorkyar’ with 20 wings.
It means that it is correct and today’s Amarapura Taungshal long cloth around (6) to (8) tons of businesses.

How to reduce the beginning of 20 cubits to 8 cubits?

It must be about 20 cubits. It is made of good quality fabric with 2 layers and 3 layers. Then, if you measure the folds loosely, you can understand the meaning of a king’s robe, which is 20 cubits.

Since ancient times in Burma, ancestors have been married, they wear Thorin shirt and Taungshal long cloth. Only Burmese people of all ages worn these dress and other ethnic groups in Burma didn’t.

The appearance of Burma’s man and woman with traditional costume in Konebao era

Thorin shirt and Taungshal long cloth are only related to Burmese people and was National dress.


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