The Two Queens Of The West Palace
Of King Minton

King Minton had three famous queens, the queen of the South Palace, Sinkara Devi, the queenof the North Palace, Khin Thae and the queen of the Middle Palace, Sin Phu Mashin. Due to the fame of three queens, the other great queens of the West Palace were buried in history.

The first Queen of the North West Palace, Pin Tae Lai Princess, and the second Queen of the West Palace, Princess Yin Kae, were born from King Tharawati and Queen of the North Palace.

After King Minton ascended the throne, the four queens of Nangra, The four Asaungra queens were given as usual. Then, Princess Pin Tae got the position of the Queen of the West Palace.

The first queen of the Western Palace, Princess Pin Tae Lai, died a year after she gave birth to twins, a son and a daughter. The queen also lost her life.
It was the first death in the palace after King Minton became king. The king and chief queen buried the queen of the West Palace.

After the death of the queen of the first Western Palace, princess Yin Kae became the second queen of the Western Palace with the title of “Sri Mahathusanda Adana Devi”. The queen did not have children of King Minton, so she adopted two nephews.
Because she had experienced all kinds of events in the palace of Yadanapon, she did not dream of power and remained calm. Therefore, the history related to her was so rare that there was no oral history left.

King Minton supported the religion in accordance with the title of missionary king, and most of his queens also donated their own donations, but it is sad that it did not find anything about her.

In addition, she was the one who was far away from the Queen of the Middle Palace of Minton.

The queen of the Second Western Palace lived quietly without interfering in the affairs of the throne during the end of King Minton’s life and the beginning of Thipao’s reign. However, during the reign of Thipao Min, she had to step down from her position.

After the loss of the throne of Khon Bao, the British government considered her as a second-ranking queen and provided her with only 100 rupees and 60 house rent. She had to live in the Pearl Silver Village in the west of Mandalay.

Two years later, she wrote her will and gave the house to her two nephews. 4 years later, in 1891, his luck ran out. The corpse was cremated and placed in a cave in the area where she lived, and can still be seen today.

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