The Two Queens Of The Western Court Of Minton

King Minton’s South Palace queen Sinkara Devi, about the fame of Northern Palace Queen Khin Seen and Middle Palace Queen Sin Phyu Mashin, and the fact that the great queens of the Western Palace are buried in history.

Princess Ping Talay, who became the first Queen of the Western Dynasty, and Princess Ike, who would become the second Queen of the Western Dynasty, were born to King Tharawati and Queen of North Song, Duke Kanaung.

After King Minton ascended the throne, four queens, The place where the four queens of the dormitory were given according to the plan.

The first queen of the Western Dynasty, Ping Talay, became a queen and gave birth to twins, a one-year-old son and a daughter.

It can be said that it was the first death in the palace after King Mintoon became king, and he went out together with the king and queen Khao-kyi, and was buried magnificently in the same way as the queen of the western kingdom was buried in the time of Boe Tao Pagoda.

After the fate of the first queen of the Western Dynasty, her younger sister, the lead princess, became the second queen of the Western Dynasty with the title of “Sri Mahathusanda Adana Devi”. The queen did not have any children with King Minton, so she adopted two nephews from her mother’s side. The Queen of the Second Western Dynasty was in Yadanapa’s palace. It seems that he has experienced all kinds of hardships, and his life has been relaxed without clinging to power. Therefore, the history related to the queen was so rare that there was no oral history left.

King Mindon supported the religion in accordance with the title of missionary king, and most of his queens also donated their own private schools in competition, but it is sad to find that it is not related to the sole charity of the second queen of the Western Dynasty. Also, it must be said that the queen was a good observer, as it was known that the queen had kept a close relationship with Min Tong’s middle queen, the White Elephant.

The second Queen of the Western Palace was the queen of the king’s daughter during the sunset of King Minton’s life and the beginning of Thipao’s reign, but she did not interfere and lived quietly, but she had to be removed from the western palace during the reign of Thipao. Until then, he had to live between the courtyard of Prince Pyin San and the courtyard of the queen of the royal family.

After his death, the second Queen of the West, who was the second Queen of the West, was only treated as a second-ranking queen and paid only 100 rupees and 60 rent, and she had to live in the Pearl Silver area outside Manlay city. 2 years after his death, he wrote his will and gave his two nephews a house to live in. He passed away shortly after 4 years in 1891. The body was cremated in the courtyard of his residence and can still be seen today.

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