The World’s First Aircraft Engine With 11 Propeller Blades


Propeller airplanes are usually equipped with only (4) or (6) blades. According to the concept of propeller blades, it is said that the more blades, the less noise. The so-called stability is getting better.

French-made ATR-42 In ATR-72 aircraft, from the original 4 propellers, the later 600 Series engines have been used with 6 propeller blades.

ATR-72 600 aircraft with 6 propellers

MT Propeller Company has announced that it has successfully test-flyed an aircraft equipped with 2 engines with 11 propellers, which can be said to be the world’s first. (7) (9) and so on, I was able to pass the tests. The rotation speed of the fan blades is converted into thrust of the engine.

The thrust produced by the fan is directly proportional to the fan area. This is the theory. Therefore, it can be roughly said that a fan blade increases one thrust per cycle. Because the fan (11) has more blades (in terms of number), it can produce more thrust.

Piper PA-31-T1 aircraft

MT. Propeller is no longer to be compared. Founded by Gerd Muhlbauer in 1981, the company has more than 27 propeller design certifications. 90 percent of propeller-driven aircraft across Europe are MT. It was produced by Propeller.

MT this year, In September, they started testing the engine with 11 blades. This engine was installed and tested in the Piper PA-31-T1 aircraft. The type of engine with 11 propellers is Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A turbine engine.

During the flight test of the aircraft in the air, the noise and sound of the engine was found to be significantly stable and stable. The plane’s engine is 15 percent more efficient than the engine with 5 propellers and can generate thrust.

MT scholars are working on the “low r.p.m power supply” technique. If this system is successful, it can be used in turbine engines as well as electric motor engines. This is a system that can extract more thrust with less r.p.m (Revolution Per Minute).

MT. The Propeller Company has dominated the world of propeller design for two decades.

He is from Germany, It is a company based in Atting. He is recognized for developing a 5-bladed engine (reversing capability). He also produced propeller-driven engines for the Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. PC-12 is a single engine.

Since 5 blades, noise and vibration have been significantly reduced, so with an engine equipped with 11 propellers, your journey will be truly smooth.

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