Three kinds of Pattala

There are three types of pattala:

  • Bamboo Pattala
  • Bronze Pattala
  • Iron Pattala

All types of pattala made of copper, and bamboo pattala is considered to be the oldest. Malayayu Island, where many bamboo trees grow, including Myanmar. Sumatra Island The patala instrument is played in Southeast Asian countries such as Java Island and Thailand, and it is difficult to say from which country it originated.


Pattala house

The bamboo house is made according to the shape and proportion of the house according to the position of the house. Some of them work by painting the wooden frame with varnish. Some of them are gold plated. The best wood to make a house is teak wood, it is more sound and lighter.

The depth of the pattala house is six and a half inches. It shall not be shallower than seven inches. So you can growl with a good sound.

The top of the house follows the position of the leaves, and if the left tip is ten and a half inches wide, the right tip is seven and a half inches wide. If the root and tip are together, the sound of the fingers will often be nested.

The tips of pattala leaves are washed with wood and then painted with mercury. Navy red paint is hard to dry. It is easy to dry after mixing mercury with varnish. If you brush the leaves with oil, the color is beautiful, but it often needs to be sprayed. If you rub the silk with just enough oil residue, it won’t take long to get a beautiful color.

First graduation and Pattala art

In the colonial era, graduation was celebrated with a band called ‘Ben Khara’. When the era of independence came, from the first graduation ceremony, it started to change with Burmese-friendly music with the melody of the song ‘Dottawthang Baatu’, which was played when the ministers were preparing to wear their insignia to go to the parliament. Mr. U Ryuwu played the song “Dotto Thanh Baju” 25 times at the graduation ceremony with only one kind of pattala instrument that he had the knowledge to own. This music is the beautiful music played when the Rector and professors/departments from various departments walk in unison into the graduation hall.

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