During Menstruation Bad Smell 


In addition to the pain during periods, there is another issue that can cause anxiety and low self-confidence. This is the body odor that every girl can’t avoid every month during her period.

Menstrual blood has a smell, so if you don’t take care at this time, you may have a bad smell from your body. So, I’m going to tell you how to get rid of bad odor during your period.

What should I do to avoid bad odor during menstruation?

Menstruation will happen. The bad smell will also come out. But to prevent this smell from coming out;

Take a shower;
To keep your mind and body fresh during your period and to keep your body odor free, bathe in water twice a day. This bath can effectively help to get rid of bad odors.


Regular monthly use;
Replace every 6 hours. This exchange is a skin bruise, It can help to prevent germs and prevent bad odors.

Clean the woman genitalia;
In order to be free of bad odor during menstruation, a woman needs to clean her body thoroughly. You can use feminine cleansing lotion or you can use only water to clean it.

Wear only one layer of underwear;
Wearing 2 layers of underwear during your period encourages the odor to build up during your period, so wear only one layer of underwear.

Wear loose cotton;
If you want to be odor free during your period, wearing loose cotton underwear and wearing sweat absorbent and breathable clothing is a good way.

Wash and dry the underwear thoroughly;
Washing your underwear thoroughly and drying it thoroughly in the sun will also help reduce menstrual odor.

What I have just told you can help you not to be bothered by the bad smell during your period.

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