Traditional Costume Of Burmese Women: Htai Mathein And Cheik Dabi

About Htai Mathein and Cheik Dabi of the Burmese people that have been valued and worn from ancient times until now.

Meaning of Htai Mathein

The term “Htai Mathein” is a familiar term in Myanmar’s living environment.
What is the essence of not sitting as it is said? Women who are interested in the art of design as a Myanmar traditional dress should be familiar with the reason why they are not sitting down.

Not to sit down was the practice of Burmese queens in ancient times. It is a kind of beautiful long-sleeved blouse worn by court maidens.
In today’s era, it is the top shirt that Burmese women treasure and wear at events.

The Time Of Wearing

Konepao period and Amarapura period, Not only literature flourished during the time of Bo Tao Pagoda, but also clothing flourished.
But in those days, women’s shirts were tight around the body and arms, and the shirt was long enough to cover the hips.

That’s why women in that era, if they wanted to sit down, they could sit down by keeping the bottom of the shirt in a circle.

During the time of the next monk, the front of the shirt was changed into a funeral shirt collar. But in the late Amarapura era, women wore lace, gold embroidery, and silver embroidery on the top and bottom of their bosoms, and wore sarongs on top.

After that, in the Yadanapon period, the upper shirt was shortened from the hips to around the waist.

In the era of Yadanapap, ordinary civilians were allowed to wear sata-ma-taen when there were events.

The appearance of a Burmese woman during Yadanapon era

Before the women sit down, It is common to wear the upper layer after the first round.
Ordinary civilians also wear it, but the queen inside the Golden Palace. The actresses are thin, After wearing the shirt with twenty-four knots intertwined at the back, the shirt is worn on top.

In a shirt that doesn’t sit down, near the stomach area is a breast called bronze barrel. Can be installed by sewing both sides of the breast. Underneath, they only wear a t-shirt. During the Yadanapan period, the sarongs were only made of coarse cloth, and were decorated with about two large black panels and about a thousand hooks.
From the bottom of the body of the hook, there is a little stripe pattern, and then there is a rethina at the bottom. They wore t-shirts together.

Photo of a woman in Konepao period

When the period of independence came, there were more events and Burmese traditional dress and rituals were rediscovered, so Htai Mathein became more festive.

The Parts Included In Htai Mathein To Wear

When sewing a shirt without sitting, we added these parts and sewed it.

* Kohtae(means that body’s part)
* Alat ( means that hand’s part)
* Yintaung (means that chest)
* Yinkan ( means that cover of chest)
* Lalsan (means that neck)
* Ano
* Khartaung

Patterns of Burmese Traditional Costume for man and woman

️In this way, nowadays, body panels are added and sewn, instead of flat sarongs, hook sarongs are changed and designed.
Nowadays, the ethnic groups are wearing their traditional cloth designs beautifully and wearing them with treasure.

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