Traditional Dress, ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’
Worn By Burmese People

Burmese clothing was a royal insignia that both men and women could wear and ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ has gradually changed since the Pyu period.

Real Silk Lunyarkyaw Acheik
The ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ made of real silk, worn by Burmese kings and princes, is very rich and elegant. It can be observed through museums.

Pure silk of ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’
is meticulously dyed with natural dyes by the weavers themselves and
it is a royal insignia.

Lunyarkyaw Achiek that can see in Painting of Yadanapon era

Royal Cloth and Uses for Reward

The ancient Burmese kings gave ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ Longyi as a reward to their deputies, generals and other subordinates.
It is also known that it is often given.

Traditional Dress for Both Men and Women

The ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ Taungshal worn by men takes twice the time and raw material than the ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ Dabi worn by women. So, men’s Lunyarkyaw clothes can wear it by paying twice the price.

After 1980, the country’s economy reached its lowest point, so the emblem of the throne is three, they could no longer wear ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’.
Therefore, it is believed that men’s clothing has become almost non-existent.

Burmese man and women worn Lunyarkyaw Achiek

Famous Lunyarkyaw Achiek Designs

  • Amarapura Achieck
  • Poe Achieck
  •  Kyoegyi Achieck
  •  Chithar Achieck

Reason to Maintain Traditional Dress

Burmese traditional cultural heritage
‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ post-colonial; In the post-independence period, amid the changes in the political situation, it became less worn.

Nowadays, men think that if they wear ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’, they are “like a girl,” which is incorrect.

Since ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ is a traditional cultural art that has been worn by both women and men since ancient times, the idea that men are more sacred than women if they wear ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ Taungshal is very wrong.

Royal prince worn Lunyarkyaw Achiek an see in wall painting of Konepao era

Men wear ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ Taungshal and women wear
‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’ Dabi since it is traditional fashion.

When there are events, the ancient princes were magnificent with ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’, and today’s men can also be elegant with ‘Lunyarkyaw Acheik’.

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