‘Htai Ma Thein’ is a traditional dress which is the clothes that brides and princess wear in special days or ceremonies.
Before the Yadanapon period, after the beginning of the Konepaung period, until the Amarapura period, women’s clothes were ‘Thorin’, which is a long dress.

Therefore, when women are going to sit down, they keep the bottom of the long dress’s flat. After repairing the clothes, women can sit.

When it came to the Yadanapon period, the ‘Thorin long dress’ clothes was shortened to reach around the waist. They made it shorter and wore it above the hips.

That top coat doesn’t need to be repaired when sitting down. So, It’s called a ‘Htai Ma Thein’ dress because it’s tightly fitted to the body.

In the period of Yadanapon, women were to put on ‘Yin Se’ and ‘ Yin Kan’ clothes first and then wear the ‘Htai Ma Thein’ clothes on above again.

Queen and Princess inside the golden palace used to wear ‘Htai Ma Thein’ clothes with twenty-four strings on the back to make their waist and breasts look beautiful.

On the front side of the ‘Htai Ma Thein’ clothes, near the belly, ‘Kyay Si’ can be sewn down on both sides and installed.

In the lower part, they wear ‘Byant Htabi’. On the upper side of the ‘Byant Htabi’, a black and two-span long ‘Ahtetsin’ is stitched together. Below the ‘Ahtatsin’, the ‘Tharlikar Myatlone’ can be stitched with small stripes, and at the bottom it can be stitched with ‘Rathina’.

That is the dress of ancient Burmese women.

When there are no events or when they go to bed at night, they wear a light ‘Done Htetbi’ (‘Kone Htetbi’).

As for the top clothes, they wear ‘long-sleeved breast-covering’ ‘Chinese-style breast-covering clothes’.

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