Two Contemporary Queens

There is something in common between Queen Suphara Lat if Konepaung Dynasty and Queen Wang Yong of the Qin Dynasty. Thet were the last generations of the last Qin Emperor and Burma Emperor.

The two queens were not contemporaneous queens who had reigned concurrently. The last queen of the Qing dynasty, Wang Yong, came to life as a queen only 7 years after the death of Queen Suphara Lat.

Queen Suphara Lat, the queen of the Konepaung era, only reigned for 7 years, and was dethroned by the British imperialists.

Qin era’s queen Wan Yong had reigned for only 13 years, and her fate ended 1 year after she abdicated and was captured and imprisoned by the Chinese Communists. After her death, no one found the cave of the queen.

Those queens had different life stages, such as when they ascended to the throne and when they fell.

However, they were the last queens who ruled over the great empires established by their forefathers.

Also, they are the people who witnessed the destruction of the great country that was founded by sacrificing the blood and sweat of their ancestors.

That is the same thing.

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