In Mandalay, there were two temples in full Burmese style that were built and donated by the queen of King Thipao, the last king of Myanmar.

These are the Great Eastern temples,
the well-known “Maha Vijaya Poyntha,
“Maha Sansong Wai Yang Temple” and Mya Taung Temple or Shwe Kyung Temple.

1. Maha Vijayapuna Temple

The first Maha Vijayapuna Temple, which was built and donated by Queen Suphara Lat, was located across the street in front of the virtual temple courtyard near the foothills of Mandalay.

The temple, along with the main temple, has four levels and is very intricately decorated. The temple is decorated with gold, and it is very beautiful with a golden courtyard.

When the construction of this temple began, the queen intended to donate it to her teacher, Mya Taung Sayataw.

As a result, King Thipao had another temple built, which was decorated with gold inside and out to be worthy of the Mya Taung abbot.

So, this first temple was donated to his childhood teacher, a religious monk. By Burmese Calendar 1243, on the 10th day of the new moon (February 26, 1882), he donated the temple with a grand ceremony.

Maha Vijayapuna temple was recorded as Maha Sansong Wai Yang.
Compared to Mya Taung temple, this temple is believed to have more and more intricate glasswork.

In British records, mirror parts are arranged and gold plated.This temple as mentioned the temple of truth. Shortly after the British troops invaded Mandalay, they camped in this temple.

This temple existed until the 1980s, but it was later demolished and removed because it was no longer maintained. It was located in the east of the artificial campus in the south of the foothills of Mandalay.


2. Mya Taung Temple

The second temple of Queen Suphara Lat that was built is Mya Taung temple.
Mya Taung Sayataw, Queen Suphara Lat’s childhood teacher, chose the land and pointed out the west side.
So then, the queen bought the garden land of Pahang Princess in Yadana Bummirah and built the temple.

The construction of the temple was supervised by the Secretary of the Boat Association. It is a temple with the same basic structure as the first temple.

Queen Suphara Lat planned to move the monk in front of the front and back of the courtyard with a grand ceremony, but the monk did not want such a ceremony.
The night before he moved, he called a young Phantashik and a student from Kapiya to move.

Suphara Lat was captured by the British when they built the white umbrellas to hold the donation ceremony for the completion of Mya Taung temple.
The great temple that was built was thrown down before donating.

In 1901, the Governor General of India, Lod Kazon, instructed to preserve the Mya Taung Temple, which is full of Burmese Myanmar style.

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