Points To Consider For Undercarriage Car Strength


When it comes to the car’s biggest problem, many people see engine and transmission problems. In fact, engine diseases are difficult to solve, although they are expensive diseases. One of the biggest problems that can cause your car and your life to be at risk is suspension problems.

For example, the highway
If you are going to travel, or if you are going to drive the car at a high mileage, that is why the lower parts of the car are mainly checked. Because if a car that is driving at high speed suddenly stops due to engine failure, You will be disturbed on your journey; After all, it’s impossible for one engine to fail. However, I did not notice that the lower suspension of the car was broken, so it fell off while driving.

Mainly the lower part of the car (Suspension).
It is composed of the following items.

  • 1 (Tie rod)
  • 2 (Tie rod end or Rack End)
  • 3 (Ball Joint)
  • 4 (Constant Velocity-CV Joint)
  • 5 (Stabilizer Bar)
  • 6 (Shock Absorber)
  • 7 (Upper Arm)
  • 8 (Lower Arm)
  • 9 (Coil Spring)
  • 10 (Rubber Bushing)
  • 11 (Bellows)


It is composed of basic materials such as, etc., and depending on the company that manufactures the car type and model, there are many lower parts. The main things that work together with those items are brake systems and tires.

(1) If (Tie rod ) and (Tie rod end or Rack End) are bad, what symptoms will be shown?

A common sign of a bad engine is when you are driving the car at slow speed or when the car takes a sudden corner, a “duk-duk” sound will come from the front end. If it makes a knocking sound, your car’s rod and female are faulty.

Another is that you are driving
time, When the car brakes
The car will pull to one side. Also, if the car tires wear unevenly, whether on the inside or the outside, that’s a bad symptom.

(2) If the ball joint is bad
What are the symptoms?

If the ball joint is not good, the common symptoms are from the lower corner of your car. There is often a kind of smacking sound. Especially if you drive in steep places and valleys, if that sound comes out, it’s a bad sign of the ball joint. In other words, it sounds like hammering iron. A bad ball joint will affect your car’s steering. What can happen is that your steering wheel will become hard and difficult to turn. If you go down a low road while driving straight, your steering wheel grips are symptoms of a bad ball joint.

(3) Constant Velocity -CV Joint)
What are the symptoms of bad knee joint?

The knee joint symptom is obvious. As your car turns left or right, it grinds into each other *clicks, clicks, goes up, up and down*. If you are making sounds like that every time, it is a sign of a bad knee joint. If the clip that holds the rear knee joint balls falls out, the car’s gear often seems to be in free gear.

(4) If the shock bar, coil spring, or struts are bad, what are the symptoms?

If these parts are bad, the symptoms are obvious. Especially the places where the road is uneven. Or if you drive in the valley cups, there is no longer gentleness, but something like that waiting fiercely from below.
If you feel it obviously
That Shock bar, Coil Spring, Struts
Bad sign. Shop bars
Another bad sign
Strong on your entire body
It often makes me shake hard. Another type is in some shops
oil spills You can also see that the shop bar falls down and does not come back up.



(5) If the car is pulling to one side, what are the possible symptoms?

Tires are low, It happens that the tire pressure is not equal on one side and the other side. Tire pressure must be checked first. Now, in some high model cars, if the tire pressure is not correct, there is a light on the dashboard that shows the air pressure is not correct. It is possible that one side of the tire is eating, Is the tire eating unevenly on one side? You have to check the front and back. If it is uneven, you have to check why and get a new one.
Uneven car alignment also happens. You should definitely check at the online store. It also happens that Tairo and women are not good. It should be repaired at a car repair shop.

(6) If the brake is bad, what kind of disease?
What are the symptoms?

It will be hard to brake, I will stick (Wa) I will stick, The brake pads will be too hot. If the brake clip and brake drum rub against each other, the brake pads are worn out, and the starters are jammed. Crazy brake
decreasing The plants may be rusted and biting.

(7) If the steering is bad, what kind of disease?
What are the symptoms?

The steering wheel will be slippery to turn, When you turn the steering wheel, When it is controlled as it is turned, or The steering will keep slipping
Or if it is difficult to turn
Maybe the steering fluid is low.
The steering belt may be loose or worn. Maybe the steering pump is bad, It is possible that the steering pump O ring is broken and the oil is leaking. These are the basic symptoms that usually happen in a car. There are many other lower body diseases, In some cars, the sand shield that covers the knee joints, the bougainvillea tires, and the grease that should stay between those things has come out. It is often seen that sand, dirt, and mud that should not be inside enter and damage the related equipment.

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