What Will Change Over Time If You Stop Smoking?


Smoking can seriously affect the health of your internal organs, and your smoke can make people around you sick.

Although smoking is such a problem, about 20% of the world’s population smokes, and two-thirds of them are men. Some of these are when we understand the negative effects of smoking. They try to quit smoking when faced with the dangers.

Quitting smoking before it’s too late can bring many benefits to those involved. Medical experts have already studied the long-term health benefits of stopping smoking, which can start in minutes and last for years.


Everybody knows that smoking is so bad. But it’s hard to cut. Most people can cut it. 20 minutes if you quit smoking Learn how you can reap the benefits in just one day to 10 years. It will definitely be a strength in quitting smoking.

If a person has stopped smoking;

  • · After 20 minutes – heart rate will be normal. Blood pressure will drop.Improve the Blood circulation.
  • · After 2 hours – blood nicotine level will be reduced by 93%.
  • · After 8 hours – red blood cells will be stronger.
  • · After 1 day – risk of sudden cardiac death decreases.
  • · After 2 days – the sense of taste will improve. The usual food will taste better.
  • · After 4 days – Lung function will improve.
  • · After 4 weeks – no more desire to smoke.
  • · After 1 month – health will improve significantly. I will be able to bear it.
  • · After 3 to 9 months – the lungs will become stronger. Lung health will improve significantly.
  • · After 1 year – the risk of fat clogging in the blood vessels will decrease.
  • · After 5 years – the risk of developing diabetes is reduced.
  • · After 10 years – the risk of lung cancer will be reduced by 50%.

Once you stop smoking, you will get these benefits. So stop smoking before it’s too late. This behavior not only takes care of his own health but also the health of the people around other.

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