What Is Bisexuality?


Mainly, those who are unable to share their sexual orientation. I am writing with the intention of giving knowledge to those who do not know about this topic.

According to the standards of the human environment, men and women are already defined as spouses. In later times, same-sex affection became more openly accepted, so it became a type of sexual orientation.

But today, there are many different types of sexual orientation, including bisexuality. There are people who are interested in both sexes. Bisexuality means people who can be attracted to both boys and girls.

Same sex People who have sexual orientation towards both genders

· Bisexual sexual orientation is male, It can happen to women of any age.
· A bisexual person is not only attracted to people of the same gender as himself, but also to people of the opposite sex. Affection can occur.
· Their sexual orientation cannot be broken down into exact percentages. There may be different possibilities depending on the person.
· Same sex A person who is interested in both heterosexuals is Straight, Gay lesbian It comes through being transgender.
· A man who is only interested in the opposite sex is generally considered bisexual if he is interested in 99% of the same sex and 1% of the opposite sex.
· As a special feature, some bisexuals have no sexual orientation and are only homosexual in sex. There are also cases where both sexes are related.
· Bisexuals are the same sex, 2 opposite genders will be interested in their preferred gender. There is usually some type of gender.
· Some bisexuals depend on the partner they choose. Behaviors often change. Going straight or going gay.


These are same-sex, It tells about bisexuals who are interested in both sexes as knowledge. Because sexual orientation is inherent in life, mental illness, Or I want everyone to understand that it cannot be defined as a behavioral disorder.

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