Which Pole Is colder Among The Two North And South Poles?


The coldest places on Earth are the South Pole and the North Pole. The two places look similar, but one side is cooler than the other. So which pole is colder? The reason why the South and North Poles are cold is because they are located at the upper and lower ends of the Earth, respectively. Therefore, sunlight does not reach the poles directly. Even when it’s summer at both poles, the sun is always near the wheel’s horizon. In winter, it reaches below the wheel horizon and the sun does not rise for months.

North Pole

The white surfaces of ice and snow are highly reflective, so most of the sun’s energy is reflected back into space. So the air around that area is always cool. Because of these factors, both poles are very cold, but the South Pole is significantly colder than the North Pole. Why?

The average winter temperature at the North Pole is -40°C, and the average winter temperature at the South Pole is -60°C. One major difference is that the South Pole is much colder than the North Pole. “The North Pole is sea and the South Pole is land.”

South Pole

The Arctic in the north is a large ocean surrounded by land. South Antarctica is land surrounded by sea. Water heats up and cools more slowly than land, and temperature extremes do not occur as much. Although the Arctic Ocean is surrounded by ice, the warm and balanced temperature of the sea water does not cause extreme cold. Therefore, the temperature in the Arctic is on the warmer side compared to the Antarctic.

Both the North and South Poles are permanently covered in ice. On average, Arctic sea ice covers a minimum of 2.5 million square miles in summer and a maximum of 6 million square miles in winter. But in Antarctica, the minimum amount is 1.2 million square miles, and the maximum amount is even 7.2 million square miles.

Even comparing these figures, it is clear that the South Pole has more ice than the North Pole. 90% of the world’s ice is located in the South Pole, Antarctica. So, the South Pole is like a block of ice, so the climate is colder because there is less sea water to warm it. So the South Pole of the world is much colder than the North Pole.

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