❝ Why Does Screen Brightness Dim On iPhones? ❞


Maybe it’s because the Auto Brightness Mode is ON. Many smartphones have an ambient light sensor, so when using the phone outdoors, When you are under the sun, because the peak brightness of the display is maximum, you can see the contents well, and in low light environments, When you reach a dark place, the brightness level of the display is automatically reduced to save battery.

If the display dims after turning off the Auto Brightness Mode, it may be because the temperature of your iPhone is too hot. Using the phone for a long time in the sun or in very hot places.

iPhones tend to overheat when playing games. When it overheats, it automatically reduces not only the display brightness but also the performance of the phone to cool down. If the iPhone is overheated, the last step is to shut down by itself.

If none of those things are dimmed, it could be because of the True Tone function that changes the display color temperature depending on the lighting of the environment, or because of the Night Shift Mode, which changes the display color to orange hue when using the phone at night.

The brightness tends to dim, so it can be convenient if you disable those modes in the settings.

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