Why Is The Engine Oil Low?

I would like to present and discuss a few things about the reduction of engine oil used in automobile engines. There are many reasons for low engine oil.

Those things are —–

  • (1) Combustion in the engine;
  • (2) leakage to the outside of the engine;
  • (3) Inadequate quality of engine oil and incorrect use of SAE Grade;
  • (4) According to the engine design, it is slightly reduced.


(1) Combustion in the engine –

Due to the ignition rains entering the combustion chamber and burning and damage to the valve seals, the engine oil cannot be controlled and can seep into the combustion chamber and burn. In cars with a turbocharger, the engine oil can also be reduced due to the leakage of engine oil from the turbocharger.

(2) Leaking to the outside of the engine –

places where engine oil can leak to the outside of the engine are the tapped oil seal. Lack of Timing Chain Cover; Crankshaft Oil Seal, Camshaft oil seal Engine Oil Filter, Engine Oil Drain Plug Engine Oil Pan (Oil Pan), Engine Head Gasket PCV valve (Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve).

(3) Inadequate quality of engine oil and misuse of SAE Grade –

Engine oil has SAE (Temperature Viscosity Specification) and API (Engine Oil Quality Specification). engine position SAE Grade engine oil can be used depending on the temperature of the area where the car is used.

In addition, we must pay special attention to the API rating, which is the engine wine quality standard. Diesel engines with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter); Cars with Catalytic Converter (used in almost all cars); Common Rail System fuel system, Cars using GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) system; In engines using VVT system, if low quality engine oil is used, engine oil will be lost. DPF and Catalytic Converter can be damaged quickly.


(4) A little reduction in terms of engine design –

Some car manufacturers say that they eat less engine wine in terms of engine design. The owner’s manual of these cars includes how many kilometers (or) miles the engine will use after driving.

In these cars, if the engine oil is low, it should be checked carefully whether it is according to the specified amount. For many cars, the rough amount of engine oil consumption (degradation) is less than 0.05 percent. In the later high-end models, it is reduced to less than 0.05 percent. This is a discussion presented to friends about the reasons for the engine oil to decrease.

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