Running In The Winter


Winter is coming soon. Although Myanmar’s winter is not as cold as other countries, if the air temperature suddenly changes from the normal temperature, it becomes chilly, and instead of doing more physical activity, people tend to stay indoors and curl up in blankets.

In fact, winter is the best weather for physical exercise and sports. Because the weather outside is cold, the body temperature starts to drop. In his aftermath, the man became listless and weak. As it tends to become stagnant, exercise can bring your core temperature back up.
So, if I had to tell you why you should run in the winter?


1. Running improves heart health in the body and improves blood circulation. This can raise body temperature.

2. Running on a cold morning wakes up your lazy brain. It can help people to become fresh.

3. Running in the cold weather makes the body’s metabolism (metabolism) happen quickly, making people younger and healthier.

4. Microbes can live better in cool air. The rate of disease spread is also faster. For this reason, running can help strengthen the immune system, so even if germs enter the body, it can help prevent illness easily.

5. In addition to being less active, the cold weather slows down the body’s rate of calorie burning and can lead to excess calories. Therefore, by running in cold weather, you can burn unnecessary extra calories.

6. In a climate where there is little activity and it is difficult to go outside, running is a physical activity and strengthens the body.

So, since winter is here, let’s do more physical exercises to stay healthy without being bored at home.

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