Wild Flower “Anemone”


There is a flower with the meaning of abandoned love, Anemone¬†Wild flowers. Quite beautiful. It looks like I’ve seen it in Myanmar, but I’m not sure. So they went about the flower.

Anemone is also called Wildflower.

Why is the name Anemone?
It is derived from a Greek word meaning “Daughters Of The Wind”. The word anemos (wind) is added to the suffix to describe a girl. The meaning of the flower is mother’s love/abandoned love, the death of a loved one; Looking forward to the future.

Red Anemone

According to Greek mythology, anemones bloomed from Aphrodite’s tears when her lover Adonis died. So, in Greek mythology, anemone has two meanings.
“The Arrival of a Summer Breeze” and “The Death of a Loved One”.

Anemone’s most prominent meaning is expectation. Why sleep at night and open in the morning. In the Victorian era, they said it was easy to fall off. Abandoned love is also famous.

In Christianity, Anemones are red flowers that bloomed from the blood shed when Jesus was crucified. Anemone is poisonous.

Blue Anemones


In some Asian countries, Anemone is considered an unlucky flower, while in the West, it is believed to ward off evil.
Especially blue and purple. In China and Egypt, it took on a bad meaning. Because of the color of the flower.

Violet Anemone coronaria

Red anemones mean “I love you” and blue means “I trust you and wait.”

Pink Anemone says “I’ll wait”.

Pink Anemones


Anemone has a bad meaning when it comes to love. painful love bitter love Hopeless love etc.

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