Most Myanmar people visit to Phang Kha city, which have historical places
and ancient buildings that are important in terms of value and architectural art.

In Myanmar, there are not only Salae Yotesone Kyung, but many expensive Yotesone Kyung.

Yotesone Kyung, near the gold temple of MandaLay Mountain becomes popular now.

Later, Yotesone Kyung from Sagaing Mountain also became famous.
The one is that it is right next to the Suku (Minbu-Slin) road, which is still near the old Lekai town (Pwonghyu-Slin) road and also near Wetak Lake.

In ‘Lekia Yotesone Kyung’, a monk taking care of it as much as he can.
It is reported that U Anthony and Daw Anthony donated the reconstruction of Yotesone Kyung. The donors are the ancestors of Dr. Khant Zaw, who became the Minister of Economy.

The 7 levels of common problems in the brick temple, although it was destroyed 35 years ago, it’s a wonder that the Yotesone are still intact on the pillars and heels.

The pillars under the temple are dragon figures and the arts are too detailed.

Priceless works of arts that can find sophisticated.

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