Even Though He Created Korea’s Goal, Ronaldo Still Got A Record In World Cup History


It must be said that Ronaldo is a human being who was born to set records and achieve success. Ronaldo’s records are always included in the list of records at the highest level of every competition.

In last night’s match against South Korea, Ronaldo played in the 65th minute of the game. However, Ronaldo struggled to perform and was the lowest rated player among the players of both teams.

He was able to kick the goal (2 times) and hit the ball (26 times) during the game. Ronaldo didn’t do anything special, he just struggled. However, after the match against South Korea, Ronaldo achieved another record in the history of the World Cup.

This is the honor of being the first player to score 100 goals in the history of the World Cup (1966) after the match against South Korea.

Ronaldo played 20 games in the World Cup, but the number of times he kicked the goal was quite large.

It has to be said that as many goal kicks as there were goals scored, it was too few. The reason is that Ronaldo was only able to convert 8 out of 100 shots on goal into goals. Therefore, when the ratio between goals and kicks is calculated, the scoring rate is quite low.

In any case, Ronaldo is a player who has records and records in every match, and currently he has been able to go to the round of 16 with Portugal.

(16) In the group stage, Portugal is in a difficult position because it is meeting with Switzerland, and only if it tries hard, it will have good potential to advance to the next stage.

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