A Unique And Beautiful Secret Beach Hidden On Earth

“Secret Beach Hidden On The Earth”


Clinging beneath the surface of the island, this unique and beautiful beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world due to its unique location.

A gap in the green island’s surface is a wide shadow; It opens onto a secret beach with sunshine and clear water.

Playa del Amor, commonly known as Hidden Beach, is located on the lip of Banderas Bay. Mexico Located 22 miles west of Puerto Vallarta, it is one of the Marieta Islands. The shape of the beach reminds me of something out of fiction, and the name of the beach, translated directly from the Mexican language into Burmese, means Lover’s Beach.

Nestled beneath a vast sand cave with the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean lies this legendary beach.

This beach is often called the beach of love by the locals, and it attracts couples and tourists looking for peace and tranquility as it is quiet, safe, peaceful and offers the most beautiful views.

Hidden Beach Resort

rock walls around the beach; Pale blue sky, With the white sand under your feet and the beautiful green grass, it is considered an ideal place to breathe fresh air.

The Marieta Islands are an uninhabited archipelago formed by an underwater volcanic eruption. The islands are also famous for their appearance as natural wonders, and the volcanic activity has introduced a hidden beach to the world.

The crater that created Hidden Beach is rumored to be the result of human-made bombings. The Marieta Islands are permanently uninhabited, making them ideal sites for military testing by the Mexican government.

Weapons and artillery testing began in the early 1900s on the Marieta Islands, a safe distance from Mexican citizens. These tests caused many changes to Marieta’s topography, and the test bomb is believed to be responsible for the formation of many caves and rocks on the island, including Hidden Beach.

In the early 1960s, a scientist started protests to stop bomb tests on a secret beach. He strongly protested that these tests would cause great damage to this beautiful ecosystem. Fortunately, after winning his protests, the government stopped the bomb testing, and thankfully, the beach was once again transformed into a peaceful and beautiful place.

In 2005, the islands were officially opened and named the national park Parque Nacional Islas Marietas and the secret beach Playa del Amor. Kayaking It became a place for sunbathing and other forms of relaxation.

Hunting and fishing are prohibited around the island. In addition, the park was later designated as a UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve. Hunting and fishing around the island are prohibited. In addition, the park was later designated as a UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve.

The secret beach is not visible from the outside and is only accessible through a long water tunnel that connects the beach to the Pacific Ocean. It is about six feet above the water’s surface and visitors can reach the beach by swimming or kayaking. Although the islands are uninhabited, diverse tropical/marine wildlife and endangered species can be found.

Tourists from all over the world also frequently visit to experience the marine wildlife and unique tropical Eden of Playa del Amor. Due to government regulations on national parks in Mexico, only 116 visitors are allowed to enter this area per day. It can be said that this setting is a very good thing.

This is because this place has never been crowded with people like other tourist spots and visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the beach in peace and perfection.

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